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Jyothy Institute of Technology is a dynamic educational institution committed to fostering excellence in education, innovation, and character development. Established with a vision to empower students with knowledge and skills, the institute offers a wide range of courses designed to meet industry demands. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and a student-centered approach, Jyothy Institute of Technology provides a vibrant learning environment. The institute’s emphasis on research, practical learning, and ethical values equips students to succeed in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society. Jyothy Institute of Technology is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals, prepared to shape a brighter future.

Hostel Team

The hostel facilities at Jyothy Institute of Technology comprise:

Boys Hostel:

  • Rooms: 67, Restrooms: 32, Capacity: 254
  • Location

Girls Hostel:

  • Rooms: 18, Restrooms: 18, Capacity: 72
  • Location

Guest Rooms:


  • TV Room
  • Modern Kitchen and Stores
  • Dining Hall (Capacity: 100)
  • Guest Dining Hall (Capacity: 25)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports Items
  • Warden Office


  • Underground Tank (Capacity: 10,000 litres)
  • Overhead Water Tanks (Capacity: 5000 x 3 Nos.)
  • Fire Extinguisher: 3 Nos.
  • CCTV Cameras: 13
  • Geysers: 100 litres x 4 Nos.
  • Solar Panels: 3000 x 4 Nos.
  • Heat Pumps: 2 Nos.
  • RO Plant: 1 No.

Hostel Gallery