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Dr. Ajjaiah HBM

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Ajjaiah HBM

Associate Professor

Dr. Ajjaiah HBM

Dr.  Ajjaiah HBM, Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, received his doctoral degree from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga in the year 2017.  He has studied M. Tech. in Power Electronics from PDA Engineering, Gulabarga, affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, and BE from REC Bhalki, Bhalki, affiliated to Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, Karnataka.  He has 2 years of Industry experience and 19 years of academic experience. He has published 18 research papers in various International journals.  He has two patents his name. He is life member in ISTE.  He has reviewed several research articles for reputed journals and international conferences.

VLSI, Power Electronics, Antenna design, Machine Learning, and IOT


  1. Data Science with Python
  2. Antenna Design and Simulation
  3. Nano Transistor
  4. Open Source Cyber Security Tools
Journal Publications
  1. “Adaptive variable step size in LMS Algorithm using Evolutionary programming: VSSLMSEV”, Signal Processing: An International Journal (SPIJ), Vol.6: Issue.1, pp.78-85, April 2012. [ISSN: 1985-2339].
  2. “Variable Step Size of LMS Algorithm Using Particle Swarm Optimization”, IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 3 Special Issue: 3, pp-324-327, May 2014. [P-ISSN: 2321- 7308], [I.F- 1.9].
  3. “Performance Analysis of LMS, NLMS and PSO algorithm”, Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (AREEE), Vol.1, pp.79-81, 2014. [ISSN: 2349-5804].
  4. “Variable Step-Size Least Mean Squares adaptive filters”, International Journal of Advanced Research, Vol. 3, Issue 6, pp. 530-534, June 2015. [ISSN: 2320-5407], [I.F: 4.5]. [I.F- 1.9].[UGC APPROVED –S.N -21]
  5. “Review Paper on different technology on Echo Cancellation”,   International Journal of Advanced Research, Vol.3, Issue 7, pp.159-166, July 2015. [ISSN: 2320-5407], [I.F -4.5]. [I.F- 1.9].
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  1. “Variable step size of LMS uses PSO in Communication System”, 2nd International Conference on Advanced Trends in VLSI and Signal Processing, at K S Institute of Technology, Bangalore, pp. 97- 100,13th to 14th August 2014,. [ISBN: 978-81-9294525-0-6].
  2. “Design Method Based on Swarm Algorithm for Digital Adaptive filters”, International Conference on Recent Cognizance in Wireless Communication and Image Processing, at Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan, pp.86, 16th to 17th January 2015.[ ISSN:2349-5812].
  3. “Adaptive Filters in Digital Transmission Based on Improved LMS Algorithm”, International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET 2016), Chennai Jaipur, Rajasthan, pp.985-988, 2016 in IEEE Explore.[ ISBN:9781467393].
  4. “Adaptive filters using EVSSLMS Algorithms based on the Communication System”, International conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES)-pp-54-56, 3rd and 4th October, 2016 organized by Centurion University of Technology & Management Paralakhemundi, Odisha, India in IEEE Explore .[ISBN-9781509046973]
  5. “IIR Filters Based PSO Algorithm for Effect of Non-Stationary Signals on Communication System”, International Conference on Current Research and Applications in Electrical Science, ICCRAES-2016, 4th and 5th October, 2016 in Poojya Doddappa Appa College of Engineering.
  6. “An evolutionary variable step size control technique for lacking length of fixed LMS algorithm”, International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer and Optimization Technique (ICEECCOT), pp-151-154, December 9th -10th, 2016 in IEEE Explore.[ISBN- 9781509046973]
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Student Solar Ambassador

Resource Person for workshops/FDPs

Electronics Simulation and Signal Processing