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Dr. Chandre Gowda C

Civil Engineering


Dr. Chandre Gowda C

Dr. Chandre Gowda C

Chandre Gowda C, obtained Bachelor in civil engineering from V. T. U., Masters in Hydraulics and Water Resources from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Ph.D from National Institute of Technology Karnataka. Besides two years of industrial exposure in site work and estimation, he has been associated in research and teaching from past ten years at various institutes. He has several articles published in national and international journals.  His research activity includes rainfall runoff modeling, derivation of operation policy for small, medium and large hydraulic structures. The ongoing research activities are flood management and reservoir operation. He has delivered lectures on modeling and application of GIS in water resources at various colleges. He is well versed with programming languages such as C and MATLab. He is a associate member of Institution of Engineers, India

Hydrology, Reservoir operation, watershed modelling


Journal Publications
  1. Akhila, C. G., Chandre Gowda, C., Pathak, A. A., Vijay, M., & Ahmed, S. K. (2023). Seasonal Flow Forecasting Model For Dharoi Dam. Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology, 44(5), 1110-1117.
  2. Vijay Kumar Y. M., Kumarraju, B. C., Manu Vijay, H. L., Gowda C. C., & Sanjay Shekar, N. C. (2023). Utilization of Metakaolin and Steel Fiber to Enhance the Concrete Properties. Grenze International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 1029-1034.
  3. Gowda, C. C., Mahesha, A., & Mayya, S. G. (2022). Development of operation policy for dry season reservoirs in tropical partially gauged river basins. International Journal of River Basin Management, 1-15.
  4. Y.M., Vijay Kumar, M. R., Kavan, Gowda, K., & Chandre Gowda, C. (2021). Effect of Carbon-Dioxide Curing on Concrete. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 8, 206 -210
  5. Kumarraju, B. C., Chandre Gowda, C., Vijay Kumar, Y. M., & Karthika, B. S. (2021). Identification, Analysis and Suggestions for Accident Blackspots. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology (AJAST), 5(4), 30-38.
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  1. Chandre Gowda C et al. “Analysis of Storm Water Management Model for Yediyur Lake, Bangalore. In Sustainability Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering 2021 (pp. 497-505). Springer, Singapore.
  2. Chandre Gowda C et al., “Response Surface Models for Optimal Concrete Designs. InSustainability Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering 2021 (pp. 115-121). Springer, Singapore.
  3. Gomathi, M., Geetha Priya, M., Chandre Gowda, C., & Krishnaveni, D. (2021). Flood damage assessment using HA-Alpha dual polarimetric decomposition for Godavari Flood-2019. In Advances in Automation, Signal Processing, Instrumentation, and Control: Select Proceedings of i-CASIC 2020 (pp. 1199-1208). Springer Singapore
  4. Chandre Gowda C and Amail Mahesha, (2018) Perfromance Evalution of learning algorithms in Artificial Neural Network modeling for Streamflows, 270:273, SASC, Chikamagalur India.
  5. Chandre Gowda C (2017) Effect of the Urbanization on Wetlands and their Importance in Ground Water Conservation. International Conference RTGMCE, Mysore, India, 2017, 234:237