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Dr. H.B. Muralidhara

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Dr. H.B. Muralidhara

Associate Professor

Dr. H.B. Muralidhara


Dr. H.B. Muralidhara has completed B.Sc. from Bangalore University, M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Kuvempu University, Karnataka. Subsequently he joined as Assistant Professor and Head-R&D Chemistry at K.S. Institute of Technology, VTU, Bangalore in 2010 and served for a period of four years. He worked as Assistant Professor at Center for Emerging Technologies, Jain University, Bangalore for about two and half years. Dr. Muralidhara main research domain includes water & energy. He completed 04 projects in the same field and other 02 were ongoing. Dr. Muralidhara has authored about 75 research articles and 05 books. Two patents to his credit. He has supervised 07 PhDs, and more than 30 M.Tech./B.Tech./M.Sc. students. Apart from basic and applied research He is also associated with projects having societal relevance and industrial/consultancy projects in the area of environment and electrochemistry. He delivered many invited/plenary lectures. Dr. Muralidhara is the recipient of “MRSI Medal” by Materials Research Society of India. Also the recipient of best oral award in conference, top cited articles award and best reviewer award from Elsevier. Recently Department of Science and Technology, Govt. India announced a list of top 14 Scientists for the successful completion of project on energy storage devices, He is one among them. At present He is working as Associate Professor/Scientist at Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy, Bangalore.

  1. Electrochemistry
  2. Nanomaterials for Energy and water purification applications
  1. Member BOS, Basic Sciences, Visvesvaraya Technological University (New Horizon College of Engineering) for the year 2015-17 for B.Tech. programs. 
  2. Member BOE, Jain University during the year 2014-15 for B.Tech. and M.Tech. programs (Engineering Chemistry & Food Technology). 
  3. Life member of the Society of Environmental Chemistry and Allied Sciences                               (Membership No. K 272/11). 
  4. Life member of the Society Indian Association for crystal growth (Membership No. 2014-16). 
  5. Life member of the Indian Society for Surface Science and Technology (Membership No.  LIM-M-62).


  1. Certificate of appreciation by Science Direct, top 25 list of most downloaded articles ranked 16th on the top 25 For powder technology – July to September 2013, Low-cost synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles and their application in adsorption of commercial dye and heavy metal ion in aqueous solution, Powder technology – volume 246.
  2. Outstanding Reviewer Status! I am in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed for Powder Technology in the past two years.
  3. Certificate of appreciation for the poster presentation at ‘Industry academia conclave on energy storage’, 30th November 2019 at MNIT, Jaipur.
  4. Expert lecture on “Nanomaterials for water and energy applications” during Short Term Course on “Nanomaterials for Environmental Applications: Characterization by Analytical Tools” jointly organized by Department of Chemistry, MNIT Jaipur & NIT, Jalandhar from November 17-21, 2020.
  5. CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for sharing valuable knowledge as a speaker in webinar “Recent Advances: Nano materials for Water and Energy Applications” organised by the Department of Chemistry on 27th November, 2020; in association with MHRD-Institution Innovation Council (IIC).
  6. CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for active resource person in one week faculty development programme on “Advances in synthesis of Nano materials and their applications in the field of Science and Engineering” organized by The Department of Chemistry during 19th to 23rd October 20
Journal Publications
  1. Improving energy storage efficiency through carbon doping of niobium oxide nanomaterials derived from areca husk in redox flow batteries and supercapacitors,  B.C. Gireeshkumar, B Sharath Kumar, Y Arthoba Nayaka, HB Muralidhara, Krishna Venkatesh, A Ramadas, Journal of Energy Storage,
  2. Carbon spheres decorated–graphene oxide framework as an excellent active material for redox flow battery and supercapacitors, Aditya Ramadas, Anarghya Dinesh, Shilpi Sengupta, Manab Kundu, Krishna Venkatesh, Handanahalli Basavarajaiah Muralidhara, Environmental Technology,
  3. Synthesis of Cauliflower-like Reduced Graphene Oxide Nickel Sulfide Nanocomposites for the Vanadium Redox Battery and Supercapacitor Application, Sharath Kumar Basavaraju, Gireeshkumar Basavaraj Chavati, Arthoba Nayaka Yanjerappa, Krishna Venkatesh, Manne Venkateswarlu, Handanahally Basavarajaiah Muralidhara, ACS Applied Electronic Materials,
  4. Functionalized Graphene-MoO2 frameworks: An efficient electrocatalyst for iron-based redox flow battery and supercapacitor application with enhanced electrochemical performances, Aditya Ramadas, Anarghya Dinesh, Mylarapattana Shankaranarayana Anantha, Manviri Rani, Krishna Venkatesh, Jayatirtha M Patil, C Bhoganarasimhaiah Mohan, Handanahalli Basavarajaiah Muralidhara, Kumarswamy Yogesh Kumar, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids,
  5. Synergistic behavior of vanadium pentoxide-carbon sphere electrocatalyst towards iron-based redox flow battery and supercapacitor applications, Anarghya Dinesh, Aditya Ramadas, Mylarapattana Shankaranarayana Anantha, Minchitha Kolavalli Umesh, Krishna Venkatesh, Manab Kundu, Handanahalli Basavarajaiah Muralidhara, Kumaraswamy Yogesh Kumar, Journal of Energy Storage,
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  1. Layered double hydroxide-protein biocomposite for water treatment application,                   S. Olivera, H.B. Muralidhara, K. Venkatesh, “International Conference on Nano for Energy and Water (NEW) 2017 and “Indo French Workshop on Water Networking”, held at UPES, Dehradun, Feb 22- 24, 2017. 
  2. Development of Highly Efficient Graphene oxide–Copper oxide nanocomposite for Wastewater treatment
  3. Archanaa, K. Yogesh Kumara, B.K. Jayanna, Sharon Olivera, H.B. Muralidhara,        Bangalore India nanoconference. March 3-5 2016, Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. 
  4. Adsorption of Pb(II) by using hydrothermally synthesized hierarchically Copper oxide nanoparticles, K.Yogesh Kumar, H.B. Muralidhara, S. Benaka Prasad, S. Archana. Proceedings of the International Confernce on green Technologies for sustainable Eco-system and trade show. 26th-27th February 2016, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. 
  5. Evaluation of Surface Integrity and Strength Characteristics of Electroplated ABS Plastics Developed using FDM Process, Sharon Olivera, Handanahally Basavarajaiah Muralidhara,  Krishna Venkatesha and Keshavanarayana Gopalakrishna, 17th Asia Pacific Corrosion control conference on January 27-30 2016 organized at IIT Bombay.
  6. 5. Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/Tin oxide nanocomposites”                         B.P. Prasanna, D.N. Avadhani, H.B. Muralidhara, S.B. Benaka Prasad, First International Conference on “ Large Area and Flexible Microelectronics (ILAM 2014)”, Organized by Department of Electronics and communication, R..V.C.E under Centre of Excellence (TEQUIP) Macroelectronics during  18th and 20th Dec, 2014.
  1. 3D Printed ABS plastics plating process, Application Number; 202141000320, Patent Number: 448044,  Inventor’s: H.B. Muralidhara, Gopalakrishna K, Krishna Venkatesh. (Granted on 2023)
Grants/Funded Projects/ Consultancy
  1. Generation of metal oxide nanoparticles for ground water applications Visvesvaraya Technological University 19.11 PI Completed
  2. Feasibility studies on development of surface integrity and strength characteristics of rapid prototyped components to enable their direct application in design and development activities of spacecraft. ISRO 20.73 CI Completed.
  3. Compatibility of fueling infrastructure materials with methanol and gasoline blends DST 38.28 C.I. Ongoing.
  4. Development of Fe based flow batteries for grid level energy storage DST  137.5 P.I. Ongoing.
  5. Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage ERA-NET 234 C.I Ongoing.
Achievements and awards
  1. Selected as one among in Top 14 successful projects released by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India for the completion/demonstration of project on ‘iron based flow batteries’ in its website on November 2021.
  2. ‘Best paper award in 2008’ by Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) for the paper entitled ‘Studies on nanocrystalline zinc coating’. Published in “Bulletin of Material Sciences” 31 (2008) 585-591.
  3. ‘Top cited article 2010-11 award by ‘Journal of colloid and Interface Sciences’ for the paper entitled “Graphene and graphene oxide as effective adsorbents toward anionic and cationic dyes” published in “Journal of colloid and Interface”, 361 (2011) 270-277.
  4. Best oral award for the paper entitled ‘Synthesis, characterization and application of hierarchically assembled ZnO nanorods for the removal of Hg(II) from wastewater’, National conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, BMS Institute of technology, Bangalore, 11th October 2013.
Resource Person for workshops/FDPs
  1. Invited Talks the topic “Nanotechnology and Wastewater purification”: One day National level work shop organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering &, Department of Chemistry, Shri Pillappa College of Engineering, on Theme “Emerging Trends in Engineering Materials & Their applications” on 26th March 2016.
  2. Invited talk on ‘Development of Iron based redox flow batteries for renewable energy storage” Green Energy Technologies for Smart cities’ (GETSC 2018) – SRM University Amaravati -Dec 19-21, 2018.
  3. Invited talk on ‘Iron based flow batteries’ Second International Meeting on Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge on 21-22nd February, 2019 at IIT Delhi, New Delhi.
  4. Invited talk on ‘Redox flow batteries’ DST sponsored Industry Academia Conclave on Clean energy materials, 10th December 2019 at CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum.