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Dr. Kemparaju M C

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics_Dr.Kemparaju MC

Dr. Kemparaju M C

Associate Professor

Dr. Kemparaju M C


Kemparaju M C obtained his bachelor degree from Bangalore University, Masters in Mathematics and Masters in Education from Bangalore University, Masters in Physical Sciences from Kuvempu University. Also, he obtained his Masters of Philosophy in Mathematics from Periyar University and Doctoral degree from Gulbarga University. He has 20 years of teaching experience. He has presently guiding four students. He has presented a paper in national and international conferences and he published numerous papers in national and international refereed Journals and he has participated in several workshops. His areas of research interests are heat transfer, Boundary layer theory and computational fluid dynamics. He has the honour of life member ISTE and he is an Associate professor.

Heat transfer, Boundary layer theory and Computational fluid dynamics


Journal Publications
  1. Effects of thermal radiation on Hiemenz slip flow and heat transfer of MHD non-Newtonian fluid in porous media due to permeable plate, Heat Transfer, Wiley, 2023
  2. Computational study of consequence of effect of velocity slip on nanofluids with suspended CNTs, Numerical heat Transfer, Part A: Applications,, 2023.
  1. Double Diffusive Casson Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer due to Porous Media with Effects of Richardson Number and Thermal Radiation, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics (Springer),, 2022.
  2. Effect of Richardson number on double diffusive mixed convective slip flow, Heat and Mass transfer of MHD Casson fluid, Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, DOI: 10.1177/09544089221079264, 2022.
  3. Effects of Richardson and Biot number on double- diffusive Casson fluid flow with viscous dissipation, Heat Transfer- Wiely, 2688-4542, 2021.