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Dr. M. T.S.Mohan Kumar  

Mechanical Engineering


Dr. M. T.S.Mohan Kumar  

Asst Professor

Dr. M. T.S.Mohan Kumar  


Dr. T.S.Mohan Kumar , presently serving as a Asst Professor at Jyothy Institute of  Technology in Bengaluru, has an academic background encompassing a Bachelor’s  degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University, a Master’s degree from in  Product Design and Manufacturing from VTU, and a Doctoral degree specializing in the  field of Composites from VTU. He has comprehensive teaching career spanning 18 years at the undergraduate level and 8 years of Industrial Experience . 

His academic contributions extend to guiding over 8 projects at the undergraduate  engineering level He has published more than 10 research papers presented in  international conferences and refereed journals. Additionally, he has actively participated  in over 10 workshops and serves as a reviewer for several reputable journals. His  academic interests lie in diverse areas such as Composites . FEM Analysis  

He holds the distinguished titles of Life Member of ISTE and MIE. He has engaged in  research funded projects for KSCST.. 

Synthesis of Composites. Product Design and Manufacturing  


NPTEL courses 

  • Material Characterization  
  • Product Design and Development 
  • Fundamentals of Manufacturing Process 
  • Manufacturing Process Technology. 
Journal Publications
  • Subbaraya Mohan Kumar, “Impact on casting die diameter size on microstructure  and fractographic studies of Al2024 alloy reinforced with fly ash and SiC hybrid  composites”. Applied Research , 1-11 January 2024, DOI:  10.1002/appl.202300066. 
  • .“Mechanical Properties of Al -4.5 wt. % Cu –SiC and Al -4.5 wt. % Cu–Fly ash CompositComparative Study”, International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, TechnoloEngineering ISSN: 2319-7463, Vol. 4 Issue 7, July-2015 
  • .”Effect of Fly ash and SiC Particulates Addition on Mechanical Properties of Al – 4.5wt.% Cu Composites”, IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Volume 12,  Issue 4 Ver. I (Jul. – Aug. 2015), PP 01-05
  • . “ Synthesis and Evaluation of Properties of Al – Flyash SiC Composite”,  International Journal of Modern Engineering Research , ISSN: 2249–6645  Volume 8, Issue 1,(January 2018), PP 92-96.
  • .” Influence of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Particle Reinforced Al2024 Composites”, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations, ISSN: 2348-1226, Volume 6, Issue 3,(July – September 2018 ), PP 39-43 
  • . “Characterization of Al MMC produced by Squeeze Casting Technique”, Material Science ls Today Proceedings , Volume 5, 22, PP 22718-2272.
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  •  T.S. Mohan Kumar, Dr. K.V Mahendra, Characterization of Aluminium Metal  Matrix Composite Produced by Squeeze Casting Technique, International  Conference in Advances in Science & Engineering ICASE- January 2017. 
  • T.S. Mohan Kumar, Dr. K.V Mahendra, Wet wear studies on Al Cu alloy  reinforced with Fly Ash produced by Stir Casting, International Conference on  Convergence of Science and Engineering Bangalore at DSCE – 26th Sept 2013 
  •  T.S. Mohan Kumar, Fabrication of Composites Produced by Stir Squeeze  Casting Technique, Third, National Conference on Convergence of Science  Technology& Management –NCCSTM -2017at Dayanada Sagar College of  Engineering, Bengaluru on 19th May 2017.

    T.S. Mohan Kumar, Fabrication of Stirrer and characterization of Al Cu alloy  Reinforced with Fly ash and SiC, – Natcon 2015 at Ghousia College of  Engineering, Ramanagara, Bengaluru on 21st May 2015.

  • . T.S. Mohan Kumar, Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid MMC  Produced by Stir Squeeze Casting – MECHSHOW-2016 at Don Bosco Institute  of Technology, Bengaluru on 14th May 2016. 
Grants/Funded Projects/ Consultancy

 ” Development and characterization of al Metal matrix components for electric Vehicle frames or structures produced By Extrusion KSCST Funded Project.

Achievements and awards
  •  Won Faculty Excellence Award in SARGAM FOUNDERS DAY 7th November 2009  for overall Excellence in academic performance for the year 2007-08. 
  • Won Faculty Excellence Award in SARGAM -09 A THREE-DAY STATE LEVEL  INTER COLLEGIATE CULTURAL FEST 5th, 6th & 7th November 2009 for overall  Excellence in academic performance for the year 2008-09. 
Resource Person for workshops/FDPs
  •  9th – 13th October , 2023 – As resource person for one section in 5-day FDP on  Role of IOT, AIMLAND INTEGRATED ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES IN  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.- KNSIT, Bengaluru.
  • 4th – 9th December 2023 – As resource person for one section in 5-day FDP on  “3D Printing & Reverse Engineering Technology in Medical Applications organized by APSCE, Bengaluru 
  • 9th December , 2023 – Invited as a Session Chair and Reviewer for the National  Conference on “Mechanical engineering solutions for Healthcare: Bridging  Engineering and Medicine organized by APSCE, Bengaluru