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Dr. Raghavendra J V

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Raghavendra J V

Assistant Professor

Dr. Raghavendra J V


Dr. Raghavendra J V, presently serving as Assistant Professor at Department of  Mechanical Engineering, Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, has an academic  background encompassing a Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering from VTU, a  Master’s degree from VTU, and a Doctoral degree specializing in the field of Materials  Science and Fracture Mechanics from VTU. Total academic experience of 15 years and  guided more than 15 projects at undergraduate level and 5 projects at post graduate  level. He has numerous research papers to his credit in national, International  conferences and peer reviewed journals and has participated in several workshops. 

His academic interests lie in diverse areas such as Finite Element Analysis, Polariscope  Techniques, Mechanical characterization of materials, Modal analysis. 

He holds the distinguished titles of Life Member of ISTE.

Finite Element Analysis, Polariscope Techniques, Mechanical characterization of  materials, Modal analysis. 


  • “Structural analysis & Design optimization of  Engineering structures and Systems” – IISC,  Bengaluru, Aug – Dec 2018, A Grade
  • “Vibration and Noise – Theory and Practice”, IISC,  Bengaluru Feb – May 2019, A Grade 
  • Engineering Fracture Mechanics – NPTEL – July 2019 – Nov 2019, Elite + Silver (76%)
  •  Experimental stress analysis – NPTEL – Jan 2020 – Apr 2020,  Pass (88%)
  •  Advanced Robotics – NPTEL, Jan – April 2023, Elite (67%) 14.