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Dr. Raghavendra Krishna

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Raghavendra Krishna

Associate Professor

Dr. Raghavendra Krishna


Raghavendra Krishna is a 3D Printing (3DP) research facilitator/Associate Professor at  Department of Mechanical Engineering . His 3DP research focuses on novel design and  development of products for multiple applications ranging from Art to Architecture and  Engineering to Medicine. Raghavendra is an Associate Professor of Additive  Manufacturing and Rapid prototyping in the Department of Mechanical Engineering  where he teaches Post Graduate and Undergraduate students. He has published several  Books and Book Chapters in the domain of Additive manufacturing with special  emphasis on 3D Printing. Previously, he worked for CMTI, Bangalore, and as a  researcher at NITK. He was involved in design and development of  Microstereolithography to develop micro scale components for use in medical  applications. His development work has been published in various peer-reviewed  Conferences, Journals and Books. 

Raghavendra has a Doctoral Degree in Additive Manufacturing with Master’s in  Manufacturing Technology from NITK Surathkal and Bachelors in Mechanical  Engineering from VTU Belgaum. Continuing his Research at CIIRC® – JIT in 3D Printing,  He is also as a promoter of Indian Manufacturing domains through, GoKhaadi and also works with Indian naturopathy medicine  practioners in his spare time through Naivaidhya.

 Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing


System and Method for Directing LASER Beam for Additive Manufacturing using Fibre optic Rotary  Joint