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Dr. Siddeswara D M K

Chemistry_Dr. Siddeswara DMK

Dr. Siddeswara D M K

Assistant Professor

Dr. Siddeswara D M K


Siddeswara D M K obtained his bachelor degree from Kuvempu university with specialization in C.Cs.BT. He did his Masters from Kuvempu University in General Chemistry and currently pursuing Ph.D. in material science from Bharathiar University. He has 9 years of teaching experience at UG level of engineering. He has many research papers to his credit in national and international conferences and refereed journals and has taken part in few workshops. His area of interests includes Nano Materials, Energy Storage Devices, Photo Catalysis and removal of ions from water. He is currently working as Assistant Professor.

Nano science, Energy Storage Devices and Photo Catalysis.

  1. Life-Time senior member for ‘The Asia Society of Researchers’ (ASR)
  2. Life-Time member for ‘Teaching and Education Research Association’ (TERA)
  3. Academic member of ‘International Association of Advanced Materials’ (IAAM)
Journal Publications
  1. D.M.K Siddeswara, K.R.Vishnu Mahesh, H.P.Nagaswarupa, M.Mylarappa N.Raghavendra and K.N Shravana Kumara, “ZnO Decorated Graphene Nan sheets: An Advanced Material for the Electrochemical Performance and Photo Catalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes” NANOSYSTEMS: PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, 2016, 7 (4), P. 678–682. DOI 10.17586/2220-8054-2016-7-4-678-682
  2. Siddeswara, D. M. K, Vishnu  Mahesh, K. R, Mylarappa, M, Venkatesh, T, Nagaswarupa, H. P,   K. N. Shravana Kumara, Raghavendra, N. Effective Elimination of Acid Red 88 from Aqueous Solution and Electrochemical Studies of rGO/AgO and rGO/CNT’s/AgO Based Nanocomposite. Advanced Science Letters, Volume 24, Number 8, August 2018, pp. 5821-5827(7).
  3. D.M.K.Siddeswara, K.R.Vishnu Mahesh, M.Mylarappa, H.P.Nagaswarupa, K.N.Shravana Kumara, N.Raghavendra, S.C.Prashanth. Electrochemical Enhancement of Nickel oxide Dispersed Graphene Sheets as Electrode Material for Energy Storage Application. Materials today Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 10, Part 3, 2018, Pages 22554-22560.
  4. D.M.K.Siddeswara, T.Venkatesh, K.R. Vishnu Mahesh, M.Mylarappa, K.S.Anantharaju, K.N. Shravana Kumara, N.Raghavendra, M.S.Shivakumara. One Step Synthesis of Ternary Composite of GNS/CNT/MnO2 for the Applications of Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Studies. Materials today Proceedings, Volume 4, Issue 11, Part 32017, Pages 11799-11805.
  5. N. Shravana Kumara, H. P. Nagaswarupa, S. C. Prashanth, K.R.Vishnu Mahesh, M.Mylarappa, D.M.K Siddeswara and N Raghavendra, “Synthesis and Characterization Of Nano ZnO and MgO Powder By Low Temperature Solution Combustion Method: Studies Concerning on Electrochemical and Photo Catalytic behavior” 2016. NANOSYSTEMS: PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, 2016, 7 (4), P. 662–666. DOI 10.17586/2220-8054-2016-7-4-662-666.
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  1. D.M.K Siddeshwara “Effect of amine functionalized graphene dispersion on the electrical, Mechanical and Fire retardation properties of Epoxy Nano composites ”,[OralPresentation] National Conference on Current Scenario in Material Chemistry organized by P.G and Research Department of Chemistry, Jamal Mohamed College,Tiruchirappalli-20, Tamil Nadu, during 9 th and 10 th February 2015.
  2. D.M.K Siddeshwara, K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, V. Venkata Lakshmi, H. P. Nagaswarupa, M.Mylarappa, K. N Shraavana Kumara, K.S.Ananthraju, presented a paper entitled(Oral presentation) “One Pot Approach of Binary Composite of GNS/MnO 2 for Electrochemical Studies and Environmental Applications” National Conference on Advanced Functional materials – AFM-16, Organized by Department of Chemistery,Dayananda sagar college of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnatak, India, During 4 th and 5 th December 2015.
  3. D.M.K Siddeshwara, K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, H. P. Nagaswarupa, M.S. Shiva Kumar, C.R. Ravi Kumar, M.Mylarappa, K. N Shraavana Kumara and N. Raghavendra, Presented(Oral presentation) a paper entitled “ZnO/Mn 2 O 3 Decorated Graphene Nanosheets: An Advanced Material For The Electrochemical Performance And Photo Catalytic Degradation Of Organic Dyes “NANO-15 conference which will be held at our campus KSR, Tiruchengode, India during December 07-10, 2015.
  4. D.M.K. Siddeswara, K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, M.Mylarappa, K. S. Anantha Raju, H. Nagabhushana, H. P. Nagaswarupa, S. C. Prashantha and T. Venkatesh and presented (POSTER) a paper entitled “One Step Synthesis of Ternary Composite of GNS/CNT/MnO 2 for the Application of Super capacitors & Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dyes”. International conference on nanotechnology – ICNANO – 16 Organized by Department of Nanotecnology, VTU, Muddenahalli, Bengaluru, India.
  5. D.M.K.Siddeshwara, K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, M.Mylarappa, T.Venkatesh, H.P.Nagaswarupa, K. N Shraavana Kumara, K.J.Rudresh Kumar and N. Raghavendra, Presented(Poster presentation) a paper entitled “Enhancement of rGO/CNT/AgO Nanocomposite for removal of Acid Red 88 from Aqueous Solution” International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICNAN'16) organized by nanotechnology department, VIT, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. During Nov – 21 st – 23 rd
  6. D.M.K Siddeshwara, K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, T.Venkatesh, M.Mylarappa, N. Raghavendra
  7. N Shraavana Kumara and K.J.Rudresh Kumar, Presented(Oral presentation) a paper entitled “Electrochemical enhancement of Nickel oxide dispersed graphene sheets as electrode material for energy storage application” International Conference on Advances in Science and Engineering – ICASE – 2017 organized by EWIT, Bengaluru, India. During Jan 20-22, 2017.