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Dr. Viswanatha R

Department of Chemistry


Dr. Viswanatha R

Associate Professor

Dr. Viswanatha R


Dr. Viswanatha R obtained his M.Sc (2006) in General Chemistry from Kuvempu University,Shimoga. He worked as a project assistant with with Prof, K. J Rao, IISc Bangalore for close to 2 years. He obtained his PhD from Kuvempu University, Shimoga. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow with Professor KJ Rao, IISc Bangalore for one year. Later he worked jointly with Professor Daniel Mandler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and with Professor Sabine Szunerits, Interdisciplinary research Institute, lille University of Science and Technology,France, on “controlled release of Insulin using Graphene oxide and reduced Graphene oxide particles. In 2015, he was awarded UGC – Kothari postdoctoral fellowship and joined Prof. N Munichandraiah Lab, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Dept, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to work on Sodium ion Batteries. He has over 12 years of experience in research. He has published 66 research articles in reputed international and national journals and few in conference proceedings. He is currently the PI and CO-PI in 3 national and international projects funded by DST and European Union agencies. His research interests are in the areas of Nanomaterials and Energy Storage Materials, He is also Life Member of Electro chemical Society of India, IISc, Bengaluru, India. He is currently working as Associate Professor and Head Department of Chemistry.

Nanomaterials, Energy storage materials.


Journal Publications
  1. R Viswanatha, Brij Kishore, U Bharath, N Munichandraiah, Electrochemical Investigation of Plate-Like Na2/3Fe1/2Mn1/2O2 for Sodium Ion Cathode, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Vol. 165, issue 3, (2018), pp. A263. 
  2. TG Venkatesha, R Viswanatha, Y Arthoba Nayaka, BK Chethana, Kinetics and thermodynamics of reactive and vat dyes adsorption on MgO nanoparticles, Chemical engineering journal, Vol 198. (2012), pp. 1-10.
  3. VG Dileepkumar, KR Balaji, R Vishwanatha, BM Basavaraja, S Ashoka, Islam M Al-Akraa, MS Santosh, S Rtimi, CoSe2 grafted on 2D gC3N4: A promising material for wastewater treatment, electrocatalysis and energy storage, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 446 (2022), pp. 137023.
  4. Mandira Majumder, Mysore Sridhar Santosh, Ramarao Viswanatha, Anukul K Thakur, Deepak P Dubal, Kolleboyina Jayaramulu, Two-dimensional Conducting Metal-Organic Frameworks Enabled Energy Storage Devices, Energy Storage Materials, Vol. 37 (2021), pp. 396
  5. G Venkatesh, Brij Kishore, R Viswanatha, Doron Aurbach, N Munichandraiah, P2-Type Na0.67Mn0.65Fe0.20Ni0.15O2 Microspheres as a Positive Electrode Material with a Promising Electrochemical Performance for Na-Ion Batteries, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 164 (2017), pp. A2176.
  1. Design mask patent (339838-001, dated26/02/2021) issued on 18/05/2023
Grants/Funded Projects/ Consultancy
  1. “Development of Novel Superhydrophobic  coatings for solar PV – Dust lnhibition coating Applications” Rensol Power Pvt Ltd. (consultancy project) 6,55,000/-,CI
  2. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nano-coatings for Disposable Masks: A Formidable Arsenal against Pathogenic COVID-19” DST 17,57,360/- , PI
  3. Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage DST 1,59,34,096 CI
Achievements and awards

Dr. D.S. Kothari Post-doctoral fellowship awarded by the UGC, Government of India from 2015 to 2018