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Mr. Akhilesh S Narayan

Computer Science and Engineering


Mr. Akhilesh S Narayan

Assistant Professor

Mr. Akhilesh S Narayan


Akhilesh Sathyanarayan is a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set that bridges the realms of technology and education. With a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU) and a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology, he is equipped to excel both in technical domains and in guiding students through personal and professional challenges.

His technical expertise spans VLSI design, IoT, and Machine Learning, where he demonstrates mastery in digital IC design, semiconductor physics, fabrication, Verilog, UVM, and Deep Neural Networks. He’s not only proficient in these areas but also passionate about sharing his knowledge through workshops and mentoring sessions.

Beyond his technical prowess, Akhilesh is deeply committed to student success. He serves as a mentor for various student clubs and organizations, including CREA, eDC, and Pixel Poets, where he inspires and guides students towards success. Additionally, his role as the Department Placement Coordinator underscores his dedication to helping students connect with their dream careers.

VLSI & IoT,Machine Learning & Psychology:,VLSI & Sustainability,IoT & Agriculture,ML & Social Good,VLSI & Healthcare,Education & Tech Integration.

  1. Hacking for Beginners Hackers Academy. Issued Dec 2023
  2. FDP on Entrepreneurship & Innovation DST & NEB. Issued Oct 2023
  3. Certified Counselling Practitioner Achology University. Issued Aug 2023
  4. Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security NICC & SJBIT. Issued Aug 2023
  5. Crash Course on Python Google. Issued May 2023
  6. UVM & SV Advanced Udemy. Issued Apr 2023
  7. Introduction to IoTCisco. Issued Mar 2022
  8. Nasscom I2IoT Cisco Networking Academy. Issued Mar 2022
  9. TCS iON Career Edge – Young Professional TCS iON. Issued Mar 2022
  10. FDP on ” Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Transition to Internet of Brains (IOB)”
  11. AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy. Issued Sep 2021 Introduction to Deep Learning &
  12. Neural Networks with Keras by IBM Coursera Course Certificates. Issued Mar 2020
Journal Publications
  • “Mano Vaidya: Gateway to Relaxation via Machine Learning”. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) · Jul 1, 2022.
  • “RTL synthesis and simulation for verification of Secure Hash Algorithm to implement on ASIC processor”. International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology · June 1, 2019
Resource Person for workshops/FDPs

Resource person & trainer for DST Sponsored – IoT TEDP & WTEDP for
2nd year CSE & ECE students.