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Mrs. SriLakshmi R

Electronics and communication


Mrs. SriLakshmi R

Assistant Professor

Mrs. SriLakshmi R

Srilakshmi R, working as Assistant professor in the department of Electronics & communication, received her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from SSIT, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Masters from GCE, Visvesvaraya Technological University. She has 15 years of teaching experience at under graduate level of Engineering and also involved in R and D, consultancy activities at CIIRC. She has guided more than 15 projects at under graduate engineering level. She has published six research papers in various peer reviewed international journals, out of which four are published in Elsevier and one in Scopus indexed journal. She also has two research papers presented in International Conference and has participated in several workshops. Her areas of interest include Power system, control systems, Network theory, Signals & systems, Wind and solar power systems, Electrical machine design. She is a Life member of IEI.


Journal Publications
  1. MG Radhika, R Srilakshmi, V Tejashree, Krishna Venkatesh, MK Sudha Kamath, Kathyayini Nagaraju “A new strategy for the morphology-controlled synthesis of Ni/Co MOFs for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors”, Journal of Energy Storage, 2352-152X/© 2023 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Journal- Elsevier, Impact factor- 8.907 with Q1 quartile
  2. Gopalakrishna Byatarayappa, Radhika M. G , Srilakshmi R , Tejashree V , Krishna Venkatesh, Nagaraju N,Kathyayini Nagaraju, “A comparative study on electrochemical performance of KOH activated carbons derived from different biomass sources – Musa acuminata stem, Pongamia pinnata seed oil extract cake, cajanus cajan stem and Asclepias syriaca floss”, 2405-8440/© 2023, Heliyon, Published by Elsevier Ltd.  Journal- Elsevier, Impact factor- 3.78 with Q1 quartile
  3. Kathyayini Nagaraju, R Srilakshmi, Gopalakrishna B, Umanand M Bhatt, Krishna Venkatesh, “Design of symmetric Supercapacitor from biowaste derived carbon for flash light applications with superior cycle’s stability.” Inorganic Chemistry Communications                                                                                          Journal- Elsevier, Impact factor- 3.6 with Q2 quartile                                                                          
  4. Srilakshmi R, Chayapathi V, Anitha G S “Voltage Profile Improvement & Loss Reduction using Optimal Allocation of Svc Based on FVSI”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-9, Issue-2, July 2020. Retrieval Number: B3471079220/2020©BEIESP DOI:10.35940/ijrte. B3471.079220 (SCOPUS indexed Journal)
Paper Presentations in International/National Conferences
  1. International conference on research trends in engineering and management (ICRTEM-2021) “MPPT based Solar PV systems simulation and analysis using MATLAB/Simulink”. Virtual Conference, 20th and 21st August 2021- Bengaluru
  2. International conference on future trends in electronics & electrical engineering (ICFTEEE-2013) “SIMULATION STUDIES ON WIND FARMS USING PSCAD SOFTWARE”. August 4th 2013 Bangalore