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Ms Rakshatha S

Information Science and Engineering

Rakshatha S

Ms Rakshatha S

Assisstant Professor

Ms Rakshatha S


Ms. Rakshatha S is currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science and Engineering. She holds an M.Tech. degree in Computer Networks and Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, and a B.E. in Information Science and Engineering from Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Both degrees are affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, and she completed them in 2018 and 2020, respectively. She is actively engaged in research, pursuing her Ph.D. degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University. Her research focuses on exploring various applications of Artificial Intelligence in judicial services. With a background in both industry and academia, she brings a well-rounded perspective to her work, having accrued 1 year of industry experience and 3 years in the academic realm. As a testament to her academic contributions, she has authored and published 4 research papers in prestigious international journals. Additionally, she holds copyrights for her work, An Integrated Marks Entry and Cource Outcome Attainment Calculator Portal. Furthermore, she is a life member of the International Association of Engineers (IAENG).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science and Natural Language Processing


  1.  Python concurrent programming: Multiprocessing in python.
  2. Natural Language Processing: getting started with NLP.
Journal Publications
  • Tiwari, K. N. Satish, R. Harshitha, N. Shilpa, S. Rakshatha and K. N. Archana, “Ensuring Confidentiality in BSN with 1-D Chaos Based Image Encryption Scheme,” 2018 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication Control and Networking (ICACCCN), 2018, pp. 331-334, doi: 10.1109/ICACCCN.2018.8748613.
  • Rakshatha S., & Najaraja R. (2020). “Real Time Network Traffic Monitoring To Overcome Malicious Activities In Enterprise Network.” International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET). 7-7
  •   Rakshatha S, Sumanth N, Srinidhi Holla “Enhancement of 3-DPythocrypt using AES Technique by generating the key using Chitra Kavya,” South Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology- 123(2022) 54-60,doi:10.26524/sajet.2022.12.38
  • Received Copyrights for a development of software named “An Integrated Marks Entry and Course Outcome Attainment Calculator Portal.

Received Copyrights for a development of software named “An Integrated Marks Entry and Course Outcome Attainment Calculator Portal”