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Industrial Visit To Ms. InCAP Ltd., Tumkur

Students of 6th semester CSE have visited Ms InCAP Ltd, Hirehalli Industrial Area, Tumkur on 27-04-2019.

Ms InCAP contract manufacturing services is an electronics assembly unit. They get the PCB and components from the customers. The components are stuffed to the PCBs and soldered and tested at the unit. The unit has facility of handling surface mounted devices and wave soldering machine. The students were exposed to the concept of incoming goods inspection and also the inspection at every stage of production. The students also learnt about the anti static precautions to be taken at the shop floor. The students understood the different processes involved in the electronic assembly shop floor.

The quality systems ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards were also introduced to the students.

Mr. Nagaraj. A, Associate Professor, Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Assistant Professor and Mr. Venkateshwara, Programmer of department of CSE have accompanied the students.

The industrial tour was coordinated by Mr. Srinidhi Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, department of CSE.

We thank the authorities at Ms InCAP for permitting us for industrial visit of students. We thank HOD-CSE, Principal and Management for making transport arrangements from the institution. We thank Mr. Kishore G R, for arrangement of breakfast and lunch during the industrial visit.


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